Castle Garden

zamecká zahrada

An integral and the most extensive part of the castle grounds, the Baroque garden was founded in the 17th century. It lies on a hill, on a plot in the shape of an elongated rectangle measuring approximately 150 x 750 metres. The total area is 10,875 hectares. The whole area of ​​the castle garden is surrounded by a fence wall.

  • open: April to October
  • unlimited entry
  • without a guide
  • entrance from the V. castle courtyard

Parts of the garden

The terrace of the so-called summer riding school – a rectangular space lined with mature linden trees, in the past used as a training ground for horseback riding, adjacent to it is the building of the riding school.

Terrace of the so-called lower parterre – a large roughly square area with a hint of renovated Rococo elements, in the upper part there is a Rococo cascade fountain

Terrace of the so-called upper garden – an approx. 500-metre long and 150-metre wide area with now mostly free landscaping. Here you will find a square castle pond in the back and the buildings of the Bellarie Summer Palace (in front of it there is a revolving auditorium) and the Music Pavilion.

Points of Interest

  • Castle saddlery – 18th century buildings in the Viennese Rococo style, a historic hall with excellent acoustics that can accommodate 400 guests including a table arrangement, and up to 650 seats for a concert
  • Revolving auditorium – unique the world over, it is a theatre with the highest ceiling in the world, summer performances are held here
  • Bellarie Summer Palace – an elongated octagonal building with an open gallery on the first floor and a double garden terrace, the building is not freely accessible, it serves as a cloakroom for actors and as the premises of the South Bohemian Theatre
  • Music pavilion – a small gazebo in the upper part of the castle garden, a preserved garden structure from the Rococo period
  • Cascade fountain – a fountain with statues of water deities, a balustrade, vases and allegories of the four seasons
  • Krčma Markéta Restaurant – originally the house of the castle garden guard
  • Magic herbs – an educational garden, which was created in connection with the filming of the TV series of the same name

Floor plan map of the garden

mapa zahrady


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