Children’s Playgrounds in the very centre of Český Krumlov

Dětské hřiště v městském parkuYou will come across several smaller or larger playgrounds as you wander through Český Krumlov streets:

Playground in Hradební Street (1), in the very centre of the town, divided into two parts: little colourful  attractions for smaller kids located near Retro Café, and freely distributed features of the Danish Kompan GALAXY™ play system and a rope jungle gym for the older ones in the remaining area of the garden.

Town Park (2) features another children’s playground. You will enjoy and even be grateful for the shade of the stately trees as well as the refreshment stand. It is located near a small beach and has a river access, so you can refresh during the summer‘s hot months.

The Synagogue (3) with its café is located near the park. This playground will be appreciated by parents with smaller kids, as it has a kids corner with sand pits and a number of swings. Children’s traffic playground can be also found near the Synagogue, right in front of the Children’s and Youth Leisure time activities centre. Whether on a bicycle, a push bike or on foot, your kids will be amused with traffic lights, road signs, zebra crossings and other elements. Once there, do not forget to visit the Egon Schiele garden house standing near-by.

The park in Jelení Zahrada (4) has a small playground located under the northern side of the Český Krumlov Sate Castle and Chateau. It offers four play attractions, a lot of greenery and a new disc-golf park. It is located right next to the Depo Restaurant, which will surely be enjoyed by both – parents and kids.

The playground near the Horní Brána pond (5) is large and has many attractions for small kids as well as bigger children. It has a small beach and water access, you can swim in the pond or just catch some tan during summer months. There is a ball sports playground nearby, as well as a restaurant Na Hrázi, that will be happy to serve you refreshments.

The Brewery Garden (6) is an ideal spot for your kids to let their energy out and go wild. The spacious garden has a sand pit with many various toys, trampoline, push bikes, balls and lots of other things to play with. Parents will appreciate one of the most pleasant outdoor cafés in town. It is open from May until the end of September.

Mapa - dětská hřiště

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