Concert after concert in the Brewery Garden

Koncerty v Pivovarské zahradě

Lovers of all musical genres enjoy themselves in Český Krumlov throughout the summer. Tomáš Klus, Divokej Bill and Quennie performed in the Brewery Garden in July, and August brings another whirlwind of concerts under the Český Krumlov sky. Check our event calendar for all events, show times, ticket info and other details.

Which concert will you not miss?


10 July - Tomáš Klus

18 July - Divokej Bill

20 July - Queenie (Queen tribute band)

30 July - Losers Cirque Company


9 August - Painted On Glass and South Czech Philharmonics

12 August - Pokáč

19 August - Dan Bárta, Robert Balzar Trio and South Czech Philharmonics

22 August - Chinaski

26 August - Horkýže Slíže

29 August - Wohnout


5 September - Ben Cristovao

11 September - Mirai

12 September - Tata Bojs


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