Getting Around with Kids

Do you and your kids want to take a break from history and the town hustle, and spend part of your holiday by being active? Český Krumlov and surroundings give you plenty of opportunities.

In the nearest vicinity, there are the Křížová hora and Ptačí hrádek hills, offering fresh views of Český Krumlov and surroundings. If you wish to make your walkabout even more fun for your children, you can stop at Slupenec and enjoy a horseback ride in the open air or in the covered riding halls, or take a trip along one of the tour circuits.

Children love water. Why not take a trip down the Vltava River on a canoe, on a flatboat, a raft, a paddleboard, or another device? Take a carefree trip on the Vltava River in Krumlov fully equipped courtesy of one of the local boat rental agencies.

A wavy countryside around Český Krumlov is ideal for biking trips. What if you have not taken bikes and additional equipment with you on your holiday? Never mind, as there are several bike rental establishments in town where you can rent everything for you and your children.

Take your children on foot, by bike or by cable car to the nearby Kleť mountain and visit the oldest lookout in Bohemia. In clement weather you will be rewarded by a magnificent view of the Alps. You can choose to take a scooter for your return trip, which is set to be an experience not just for your children.

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