A new disc golf park in Český Krumlov

Residents and visitors of Český Krumlov will find new sports entertainment near the historic centre. A brand new disc golf course was created in Jelení Zahrada, which is accessible to all interested parties free of charge.

Nové discgolfové hřiště v Českém Krumlově

Disc golf is a fun physical activity for everyone, enjoyed by both families with children as well as groups of seniors. The aim of the game is, similarly to golf, to hit the basket with as few strokes as possible. The winner completes the entire course with the least number of throws.

The new nine-hole disc golf course in Český Krumlov is located in a quiet area of Jelení Zahrada, a few minutes from the city centre, right next to the P1 – Jelení Zahrada car park.

The park offers beautiful scenery and first-class service. In the adjoining DEPO restaurant, those interested can borrow disc golf equipment, i.e., a disc, a scorecard with instructions and a pencil for recording the results. Players have access to refreshment and restrooms.  

The park for beginners and intermediate players is designed with careful consideration for other activities in the area, both in terms of walking routes and the adjacent cycle path. An unconventional and rather amusing intrigue awaits players between the 8th and 9th holes, which is connected by a newly modified stone ford across the Polečnice River. However, the river does not allow for passage over the stones since the water current is too strong. Therefore, the future possibility of creating a bridge crossing is being considered. 

The new attraction is intended for the general public and admission is free. 

Layout of the disc golf course in Český Krumlov
Discgolf Český Krumlov


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