Sights and monuments

Český Krumlov is an outstanding architectonic gem; its significance was highlighted by the 1992 inscription of the town on the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage List. Moreover, the year 1963 marked the historic centre of Český Krumlov, spanning over 519,089 square metres, becoming an urban reservation. Over the meanders of the Vltava River, there arose a unique collection of an urban environment – in particular from the 16th century – together with a vast area of a castle and a chateau which includes a number of chateau buildings, a famous masquerade hall, a unique Baroque theatre and a chateau garden. Another significant monument of the town is the St. Vitus Church, a valuable piece of the South-Bohemian Gothic. There are also other interesting sights in the town and in its close surroundings that are certainly worth paying a visit.

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