Tips for interesting tours of the city and its secret spots

Enjoy Český Krumlov and discover places that have not yet been discovered, visit areas you would not otherwise visit or walk through the winding streets of Krumlov and listen to engaging stories that took place behind the walls of its historic houses. Český Krumlov offers all of this on its guided summer tours. 

The Český Krumlov Association of Guides has prepared three interesting sightseeing programmes for you for this summer season. You can get to know Český Krumlov in a fun way alongside your children, opt for a stroll through the winding streets of the city in the evening, or experience the atmosphere of the historic city centre as if you were a local accompanied by an experienced guide. All tours last, unless otherwise stated, approximately 1.5 hours, take place in the Czech language and will be attended by experienced official guides from Český Krumlov.

Další prohlídky

If you enter the premises of the Český Krumlov Monastery, where, until the end of August, you can listen to the Monastery Stories during guided tours for children or go on a mysterious tour through the Monastery Garden every Wednesday. You can also enjoy daily day or night guided tours of the exhibitions dedicated to monastery life and monastic architecture all summer.

Houses of Krumlov

If you just want to wander around Krumlov while learning small secrets and histories of the houses you are passing by, then pick up our free printed guides of Krumlov architecture, available in the Info centre located on Náměstí Svornosti Square. Local natives and enthusiasts have prepared these maps of the Krumlov houses for everyone who prefers paper to the on-line world.

Over the water while staying dry 

Enjoy the beauty of the river and the sights on its banks and, at the same time, ride on the water yet remain dry during a sightseeing rafting trip. Views of romantic spots will be complemented by interpretation by raftsmen in period clothing. Cruises offered by Voroplavba (Rafting) Český Krumlov and VOROPLAVBA (RAFTING) Radek Šťovíček. 

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